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My Appeal to the President of the Russian Federation

posted 30 Apr 2012, 02:22 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Apr 2012, 02:32 ]
24 April 2012

Dear Mr President,

On 5th April 2012 criminal case No. 012012120035 under Article 282 Section 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was opened against me without any foundation by investigator Voronin of the Investigative Committee in Karelia.

On the night of 10th – 11th April a search of my flat was carried out and a computer was seized. I have been named as a suspect in a case concerning “extremism”. I have nothing to do with the crime of which I am suspected. I am tolerant of people of all faiths and creeds. I ask you, as guarantor of my constitutional rights, to intervene in this matter and defend my rights. I ask you to put an end to this absurd criminal prosecution of an obviously innocent person.

Maxim Efimov
Director, Youth Human Rights Group, Karelia