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Youth Human Rights Movement: Open statement by Russian human rights defenders on the situation in Syria

posted 11 Sept 2013, 01:04 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 Sept 2013, 20:46 ]
8 September 2013

Source: Youth Human Rights Movement

Address to human rights defenders and independent public actors of Russia, USA, Europe and other countries on the situation in Syria

We are addressing particularly human rights defenders, independent journalists and intellectual experts – and not politicians, including members of parliaments, who will always defend “national interests” or serve the preferences of their voters. We are not addressing the well-known representatives of international business because, for sure, they always have their understandable commercial interests. We are also not addressing the officials of various international organizations – from the UN to the OSCE, because for a long time now they are either unable to make any decisions, or their bosses do not let them do that, as every bureaucracy has its own corporate interests. [Read more]