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On the 5 December 2012 visit to Penal Colony-6

posted 10 Dec 2012, 06:28 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 10 Dec 2012, 06:28 ]
5 December 2012

By Nikolai Shchur, member of the Public Oversight Commission for Chelyabinsk oblast and head of the Urals Democratic Foundation 

By the observer group of the Chelyabinsk Public Oversight Commission, under the leadership of Nikolai Shchur 
(D A Latypov, N A Shchur and T M Shchur) 

It did not happen in the morning: one of the prison officers, who was overseeing the young woman processing documents, took a look at our credentials and passports, and said: "You’re not on the lists so I’m not going to let you in". We argued that we did not need to appear on any lists as we were members of the Public Oversight Commission etc. I asked him to report our arrival to the management of the colony. Our counterpart, who refused to give his surname and title, refused to tell anyone: "It isn't my responsibility". [Read more]