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Russian Union of Journalists: Journalists' Unions of Ukraine and Russia in solidarity with their colleagues in the Crimea

posted 2 Apr 2014, 15:16 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 2 Apr 2014, 15:19 ]
2 April 2014

Source: Russian Union of Journalists 

National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the Russian Union of Journalists expressed solidarity with the journalists who reside in the Crimea or are there due to professional duties. Unions are ready to help colleagues in addressing professional issues.

At its meeting, the NUJU Secretariat issued the message addressed to the members of the Union who are now in the Crimea. In particular, they can contact the office NUJU in Kiev on their professional activities, membership, legal issues, etc. The Russian Union of Journalists has also stated its readiness to provide support and assistance to colleagues from the Crimea.

- Our Unions share the same opinion that our priority is to help professional colleagues. We are against the politicization of our activities. Our unions will join forces to help all journalists who now work and live in the Crimea, in case of any need, - says Sergey Tomilenko, NUJU First Secretary.

- We respect all journalists Crimea, regardless of their views and the media in which they work, and we respect the choice of each of them. The most important thing today is to help every colleagues who needs the support of our Unions. We believe that together we can provide all the necessary assistance, - said Nadezda Azgikhina, RUJ Secretary and EFJ Vice-President.

Our Crimean colleagues can contact us on any professional matters:

Union of Journalists of Ukraine tel.: (044) 234-52-09, (044) 235-87-66, e-mail:, As well as the

Russian Union of Journalists:,