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Officer: I don’t see anything, I don’t know anything…

posted 18 Jun 2012, 16:44 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 18 Jun 2012, 16:46 ]
14 June 2012

Press Release No. 51/1485

On June 14, the 35th Garrison Court, Petropavlovsk-on-Kamchatka, continued the trial for the death of a sailor of M.U. 09762, Sergei Khudoroshko (b. 1992), that happened on April 28, 2011. The interests of the parents of the deceased were represented by Tatiana Sladkova and Zarema Yusupova, lawyers of the Mother’s Right Foundation. Sergei was called up to military service from the Novosibirsk Region in November 2010, and served in the Coast Guard Forces, Kamchatka. On April 28, 2011 Sergei was found dead in the basement of a building belonging to M.U. 09762. According to the investigations of March 30, 2011 and April 14, 2011, there were numerous injuries on the sailor’s body – hematomas in the arm-pits and on the chest and scratches on the cheek-bones. Then, it was found out that a senior serviceman, Rabazan Chamkurov, had been extorting money (5000 rubles) from Khudoroshko. He threatened the young conscript with violence. It’s a rare case that Elena Konakova, the doctor’s assistant of the unit, who was responsible for medical examinations, constantly reported on servicemen’s bodily injuries. The commanding officer ignored her reports. Perhaps, he was sure of his impunity. The doctor’s assistant had to make two copies of each report because she suspected that her reports would be thrown into a waste paper basket. If it were not for Sergei Khudoroshko’s death, the outrageous situation in the unit would go on…

Today’s hearing was attended by Ms. Valentina Poikina, representative of M.U. 09762. She brought a letter of objection to a compensation suit filed by the Mother’s Right Foundation on behalf of the mother of the deceased. According to the letter, the unit should not be obliged to pay any compensation. The representative did not announce her position because her letter of attorney was not correct. The court obliged her to bring a correct paper.

Today’s hearing was attended by Pavel Koshman though he had not been subpoenaed. Before leaving the court room, Ms. Poikina said that Koshman was there at the request of the unit commanding officer and the attorney of the accused. Senior Lieutenant Koshman was Sergei Khudoroshko’s immediate superior. We should mention that though the doctor’s assistant reported on Sergei’s bodily injuries, he said that he had never seen those injuries on the soldier’s body… According to Koshman, there was no bullying in the unit, no tradition according to which young conscripts had to give money to senior servicemen. He said he had learnt about Sergei Khudoroshko’s death from the internet. He knew nothing about hazing in the unit… (Perhaps, even now he does not know the reasons why he received disciplinary punishment after Sergei Khudorosho’s death! And perhaps, if unit officers had known about bullying in the unit, Sergei Khudoroshko would have been alive?)

Next hearing is scheduled for June 18, 2012, 14:00.

The previous hearings: May 29 and 30, 2012; June 5 and 6, 2012.
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