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Happy birthday, dear Liudmila Mikhailovna!

posted 26 Jul 2015, 15:56 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 26 Jul 2015, 16:07 ]
20 July 2015

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group

20 July is the birthday of Liudmila Alekseyevna. The following congratulatory message from lawyer Genri Reznik, a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, to Liudmila Mikhailovna was published by the Kommersant newspaper:

“Dear Liudmila Mikhailova, almost half a century ago your refusal to accept state-mandated lies and the totalitarian regime’s flagrant violations of freedom of thought and human dignity led you – a well-to-do member of society by Soviet standards – to join the human rights movement. Ever since, you have tirelessly endeavoured to make people see that neither the esteem of the global community nor lasting success in terms of the economy and social welfare are possible without respect for political and civil rights. I am proud to be your brother-in-arms, and I would like to both congratulate you and take my hat off to you."

We concur wholeheartedly with the sentiments uttered by Genri Markovich, and we would like to wish Liudmila Mikhailovna health, joy and happiness, as well as many large and small victories in the fight for human rights.

We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have been led by fate to meet you and work alongside you. Your personal involvement in what happens to the people of Russia, your belief in justice, your astonishing capacity for hard work, your persistence and your untiring ability to defend the rights and freedoms of people and citizens set an example to us all.

Peace and joy to your family and friends!

The staff of the Moscow Helsinki Group 

Photo: Wikipedia. For the original photo which accompanied the text, see Kommersant (Dmitry Lekai)

Documentary on Lyudmila Alekseyevna shown on Finnish television:

Translated by Joanne Reynolds