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Dagestan: Detained Men Groundlessly Submitted to Psychiatric Examination - Relatives Fear They will be Tortured

posted 27 Apr 2012, 06:02 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 27 Apr 2012, 06:12 ]
27 April 

Memorial Human Rights Centre 

On April 24, 2012, Shamil Saipulaev, resident of Tsatanikh – village of the Untsukulsky region, Republic of Dagestan, addressed the Human Rights Center “Memorial” with a written declaration. He stated that, in the night of March 12, a group of armed and masked people burst into the house of his brother – Ibragim Nurmagomedovich Saipulaev, born in 1982, to carry out a search. In the house there were also two Ibragim's guests - M. Gasanov and M. Murzabekov. According to Ibragim's wife the search lasted until the morning. The armed men did not show any documents authorizing the operation. According to Shamil, no illegal objects were found. However, on March 13, Ibragim and his guests were taken to the Kirovsky police department in Makhachkala. On the same day criminal cases were initiated against each of them on possession of firearms and, as a preventive measure, it was decided to detain them. According to Shamil, the accused do not admit guilt and argue that the guns that were allegedly found were planted by the policemen in the police-station. [Read more]