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Ingushetia: Republic Authorities Know Woman Killed in Special Operation was Innocent

posted 12 Apr 2012, 02:11 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 12 Apr 2012, 02:13 ]
12 April 2012 

Memorial Press Release 

On April 3, 2012, around 21 pm, in the city of Nazran (Republic of Ingushetia) on Oskanova street five persons were killed during a special operation carried out by agents of the FSB for the Republic of Ingushetia (FSB for RI). 

As stated in a declaration of the National Counter-Terrorism Committee (NCTC) reported by the media, all the victims were criminals and, before being arrested, tried to put up armed resistance. One of them was identified on the same day: he turned out to be Salman Gardanov, born in 1989, and alleged active member of a local gang. Among the victims there was also a woman. According to the official version the woman and another passenger of the car were wearing explosive belts containing improvised explosive devices (IED). The FSB explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel estimated the IEDs' aggregate explosive force to be equal to five kilograms of TNT equivalent. It is reported that the EOD officers decided to detonate IEDs there as they could not be disabled. The bodies exploded with the car. [Read more]