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Dagestan: Men Sent for Forensic Psychiatric Examination Held in Stavropol’s Detention Center-1

posted 3 May 2012, 09:22 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 May 2012, 09:25 ]
3 May 2012

Memorial Press Release 

"Memorial" Human Rights Center has previously reported on the detention of Ibragim Saipulaev, born 1982, the resident of Tsutanikh village of Untsukulsky district of Dagestan, and his guests, M. Gasanov and M. Murzabekov, who were in his house, on March 12, 2012. They were taken to Kirovskiy police department in Makhachkala. The criminal cases were started against them on charges of carrying a firearm. Detainees claim that the weapons were planted by policemen in the police department. According to Saipulaev’s lawyer, on April 19 the investigator has appointed a forensic psychiatric examination of the three arrested. The lawyer applied to the prosecutor and appealed the ruling at the court. However, without waiting for any judgment, Saipulaev, Gasanov and Murzabekov were directed to Stavropol for examination at the Psycho-Neurological Dispensary (PND). [Read more