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Kabardino-Balkaria: Siloviks Threatened Suspect With Death - During torture, they said if man not convicted, they would kill him themselves

posted 2 May 2012, 07:10 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 2 May 2012, 07:14 ]
2 May 2012

Memorial Press Release

A resident of Prokhladniy town in Kabardino-Balkaria Nuraed B. Erizhokov, born in 1983, appealed to "Memorial" Human Rights Center. He claims that on April 7, 2012, at approximately 11:00 am he was detained by police of Prokhladniy. He was driving in the direction of the car market when his path was blocked by unknown masked men in camouflage uniforms and civilian clothes. They pulled him out of the car, ordered to raise his hands and not to move, and started searching the car. Nuraed stood like that for about 20 minutes. According to Erizhokov, this time one of the people in the mask put some heavy objects in Erizhokov’s pockets while pretending that he is searching him. After that Erizhokov was told to get the money out of his pocket. Nuraed put his hands into his pockets and touched the planted objects leaving his fingerprints on them. A few minutes later, the police officers seized a fuse and a grenade from his pockets. They invited witnesses who refused to perform their duties and left soon. Then the police called other witnesses. Nuraed heard that there was a conversation in a raised voice between the witnesses and the police. [Read more]