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Kopeisk: Visit to Penal Colony No. 6 on 10 December 2012

posted 13 Dec 2012, 10:52 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 13 Dec 2012, 10:54 ]
10 December 2012


Chelyabinsk Public Oversight Commission observer group led by Nikolai Shchur 
(D.A. Latypova, N.A. Shchur, T.M. Shchur) 
(attended by two observers: N.A. Shchur and T.M. Shchur) 

Well, the Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service (GUFSIN) has recovered from its initial fright: they once again did not let us into the “zone”. The prison guards didn't bother thinking up anything new to tell us, just rehashing the same old GUFSIN lies, once again showing that the word of an interior service officer isn’t worth three kopecks, even if the officer in question is General Major V.N. Turbanov himself. Do you remember how, in his open address to the media on 7 December, he solemnly vowed that the work of the Public Oversight Commission would not be hindered in any way? Well, I say, his words aren't worth the paper they're printed on. [Read more]