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Ludmila Alekseeva: “The changes will happen quickly. At my age, I hope to live to see them. And you will certainly live to see them” (For Human Rights)

posted 20 Jan 2014, 09:06 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Jan 2014, 09:15 ]
17 January 2014

Source: Za prava cheloveka

“For Human Rights” publishes an interview with Ludmila Alekseeva. The head of the Moscow Helsinki group talks with Julia Schastlivtseva, correspondent for the newspaper For Human Rights, about why former political prisoners join the human rights movement. 

Ludmila Alekseeva: I believe that the amnesty would not have happened if society had not persistently talked about it. The government would just not have noticed the 20th anniversary of the Constitution. The idea for the amnesty came from below, not from above. [Read more]

Translated by Eva Cukier