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Lev Ponomarev: ‘I refuse to have anything to do with this judicial comedy’

posted 8 May 2013, 07:21 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 May 2013, 07:28 ]
30 April 2013

Source: For Human Rights 

Human rights defender Lev Ponomarev has refused to take part in a court hearing at which he faced charges for failing to provide materials to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. On 30 April Justice of the Peace Aleksei Dmitrievich Gorodilov, of Moscow judicial district No. 383, heard the administrative case against Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the Foundation for Protection of Prisoners’ Rights. The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office called for human rights defender Lev Ponomarev to be fined under Article 17.7 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation for refusing to provide the Public Prosecutor’s Office with materials required from the organization. [Read more]