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Stalker International Film Festival
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About the Stalker Film Festival 

The Stalker International Film Festival is aimed at raising awareness of human rights issues and legal consciousness in Russia through cinema. The Stalker Festival is a non-political and non-profit event.

The Festival is held annually in Moscow and traditionally opens on December 10th, when adoption of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”by the UN is commemorated throughout the world.

The Founders of the Festival are the Russian Guild of Film Directors and the Moscow Guild of Theater and Screen Actors. President of the Film Festival is People's Artist of the USSR, President of the Russian Guild of Film Directors, Marlen Khutsiev.

The Festival was created in 1995. In the 1990s Russian cinematographers actively studied the experience of the Soviet period; and they often turned to the subject of Stalinist repressions and to the issue of imprisoned people. This is why the name of the Stalker Film Festival was chosen, the title of the 1979 film by Andrey Tarkovsky: it is an attempt to get into the “Zone” largely unknown but relevant for all of us. The name of the Festival speaks to the human values advocated in the film - mercy, love of one's neighbour, the personal responsibility of a human being towards society.

The Festival includes the following events:

  • competitions of Russian feature films and documentaries;
  • an international program of human rights films;
  • the prize-giving ceremony of the “Stalker” International Film Festival.

During the year winning films are screened in the Russian regions at charitable events held under the aegis of Stalker Film Festival.

Entrance to all screenings is always free of charge.

Stepanov Igor,
General Producer

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Film Program Director

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