Website Update - 11 March 2010

On 3 March 2010 Perm Civic Chamber launched a new version of its website The aim of the new website is to attract the attention of users to Perm Civic Chamber’s new areas of activity. The new version is also simpler to navigate and more comprehensive with regular updates of all the main sections. New interactive options have also been included.

In particular there are three new sections on the home page: ‘Current Civic Practice’ (, ‘Civic Successes in Russia’ ( and ‘Civil Society Activism in Perm’. These sections will be regularly updated – either weekly or when there are news updates. A ‘Review of Civic Successes’ (, which will be collected during the week by Chamber staff monitoring the Russian media and Internet resources, will also be included in the news column.

In addition to this an option for individuals to add civic successes to the site independently ( has been added to the section ‘Promoting Civil Society Know-How, Practices and Successes’, allowing civil society activists and representatives of non-profit organisations to add Russian civic successes and draw the intention of those interested to them.

We have finally begun to fill in and regularly update the section most important to Perm Civic Chamber – ‘Civil Society Activism’ ( In this section will be texts analysing the nature of civil society activism, cases demonstrating civil society activism both within Perm and on a national level ( and, as well as news stories from Perm ( and the rest of Russia (

The following new sections have also been launched on the Perm Civic Chamber website: ‘Simple Advice’ (, which contains brief legal advice on the most common questions relating to civil society activism, ‘Staff’ (, which familiarises visitors to the site with the Perm Civic Chamber team, and ‘Perm Civic Chamber Publications Library’ (, where all publications released from 1997 to the present day will be accessible.

Many of the sections which existed on the site previously (‘Advice’ –, ‘Civic Oversight –, ‘Civic Research and Assessment’ –, and ‘Social and Legal Care’ – have been completely updated and are now easier to navigate. All the important sections that have been updated can be located at ‘What’s New’ (

At the beginning of each month, a chronological account listing the most important activities of Perm Civic Chamber over the preceding month, along with developments within the organisation itself, will be published in the section ‘Chronicle of the Perm Civic Chamber’.

Perm Civic Chamber is not planning to stop there – more new options will be available on the site shortly including a news subscription facility, RSS-feed and site registration.

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11 March 2010
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