Statement by the Union of Journalists of Russia on the detention of Denis Sinyakov

28 September 2013 

Source: Union of Journalists of Russia 

The Union of Journalists of Russia expresses serious concern over the detention of our colleague, Denis Sinyakov, during the seizure of the ship Arctic Sunrise. 

The Union of Journalists, and also its partner organizations – the International and European Federations of Journalists – are concerned that the basis for the detention of the Russian photojournalist, as has already been widely broadcast in the media, is such a laughable pretext as the fact that he ‘travelled abroad many times’. Denis Sinyakov is a freelance journalist who has worked over many years for France-Presse and Reuters. We express our confidence that an objective judicial linvestigation into the incident with the Arctic Sunrise will allow our colleague to continue his professional work without having to pay attention to the political situation of the day, and will not negatively influence his life and professional work.

Chair of the Union of Journalists of Russia