NGO Law Comes into Force Someone Wishes Memorial a Very Good Morning

21 November 2012


In the early hours of morning on Wednesday, November 21, an inscription appeared on Memorial building in the Maly Karetny St., Moscow, saying, "Foreign Agent. I ♥ USA." Next to Memorial door sign an anonymous person glued some posters saying "Foreign Agent." 

It is no accident that someone decided to put so much effort into making all that wall art. The thing is, an NGO law, also known as the "Act on Foreign Agents" comes into force today, November 21. Memorial says that the act is both unlawful and immoral. 

We reiterate our stance on the issue. We have no intention to register as "foreign agents." And the inscription on the Memorial building is but a grave insult to the memory of those millions who died in the Gulag concentration camps. 

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